The Other Sister

The love you have for your second child is much different than the one for your first. No more and no less, just different. It's almost like my Kelsey knew she was going to have to deal with a massive amount of very adult obstacles from the word go because this kid was born basically grown. I remember when the obstetrician first told me how much my second bundle of joy was weighing in at nearing the end of my whale (I was absolutely HUGE y'all) of a pregnancy, looking right in her eyes and saying, "You WILL have to cut her out. No way am I delivering a 10 pound 8 ounce baby naturally." Nope. I wasn't gonna do it. Well, she ended up being 8 pounds and 6 ounces, but when I tell you she came out like she knew exactly what was ahead of her, that is nothing but truth. She was also very matter of fact when it came to what she wanted on top of that. She learned the words "hungry" and "thirsty" before she said "mama" and "daddy" it seemed, except they came out more like "HOOONGRY!!" and "SHIRSTY!!" If you had something to drink or eat, she wasn't giving you the option of whether or not you were sharing it. She always had the biggest, brightest smile and back then (and still today), this mama needed it (and still needs it) in ways only her and I know. She still possesses the capacity to make me laugh like no one else, but she now does it far more inappropriately than she once did. She was all heart and spirit from a very young age, but I'm afraid the exposure to the darker side of life has made her forget how set apart she is. Or maybe that's just life, or my interpretation of it. I can't be sure how that all works. I'll tell you what I know about this light I get to call mine. Her sister stood in the spotlight most of her life, but she never once complained. She took the role of being the "big sister" even at six years old, when Kayleigh had her second brain surgery. She didn't hesitate to pull her post brain surgery sister around the lobby of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta in a little red wagon, but being ever so careful to not go too fast or too far away. She just knew, even then. I have watched her carry that same thought process over so many instances in our lives and she doesn't even know she does it. She was present the morning her sister almost successfully committed suicide, she has seen and heard Kayleigh say and do things to both of us that would devastate most, but she has made it her mission to see the better day while placing her full trust in God having a greater plan. She roots for the underdog almost always and can spot a hurting heart from a mile away. She has had her struggles, but her resiliency is unmatched among her peers. What she will give back to this world from what she has experienced will be a tremendous gift, mark my words. Kelsey, I want you to know that I see you. I know the moments you felt so very alone and the times that I could not be the mom you deserved because life just became too large for us all. I want you to know this, there will never be any sort of adversity you face or mistake you make that you cannot come to me with and I will always be there to celebrate every single victory you achieve. Forever, you are my sunshine on a cloudy day. You made and continue to make my life so much sweeter. You will always be "My Girl".

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